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Our Events

Welcome to The Quebec Korea Business Association's Events Page, your gateway to a dynamic lineup of events
designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange between Korea and Quebec.

From insightful panel discussions and networking opportunities to cultural showcases and workshops,
our events are tailored to connect businesses, individuals, and organizations interested in
a vibrant future for both communities.

Join us in exploring the upcoming events that will empower growth,
broaden horizons, and ignite meaningful connections.

AAQC Event Registration

  • June
    Location is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Experience the dynamic fusion of Quebecois and Korean innovation at Quebec Korea Startup Day with AAQC! Join industry leaders, startups, and investors for groundbreaking opportunities in technology, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

Looking for a Canada-Korea event to attend? Look no further!
Explore our comprehensive calendar to find the perfect event that suits your interests and schedule. From exhilarating festivals to captivating workshops, there's something for everyone on our calendar.

Ready to be part of the community?Join us as a member and embark on a journey filled with unique opportunities and special privileges.

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